Jeff Moxley

jeff goat.png

The one with the sunglasses, not the goat.

Jeff joined the Imagine Nation team in 2010 when he became one of the assistant Directors of the Dystopia Rising New Jersey game. Overseeing the needs of 300+ person events and managing volunteer staffs of over three dozen people, Jeff came into his own incredibly quickly. 

Within the first two years of his time with Imagine Nation he not only became the lead operator of Dystopia Rising New Jersey but also operated and ran a number of conventions, convention LARP events across a number of formats, and was part of the creative team to design the Sleepy Hollow School of the Arcane LARP world. In year four Jeff stepped into the position of operations director for the entire Dystopia Rising Network, overseeing the training and support of 15+ franchise chapters while still being directly involved in the operations of the network flagship game: Dystopia Rising New Jersey. 

Jeff has been a gamer and a giant nerd for the vast majority of his life. This is in addition to his time as an internationally competitive martial artist, a tae kwon do instructor, an actor, the lead singer for the rock band The Hipshots, and Star Wars aficionado.