I Still Have Warpaint On My Elbow

Urban Sasquatch and Storytelling Director of DR:NY

I've never really been good at writing introductions about myself, so I'm going to explain why I went with "Wrap Shot" as the name of my blog instead.

I'm a power gamer.

I fully admit it and I'll continue to explain below.

I came from a gaming background in tabletop, MMO RP and full contact combat sports. My experience in tabletop focused more on the fat loot and creating a mechanically sound character than on trying to create an interesting and cohesive story. I was also nine at the time so I guess it was understandable. 

My MMO experience was focused mostly around Tavern RP and RP-PVP which was interesting. It was at this time in 2006 that I began to actually start to enjoy role playing and got deep into it in Star Wars Galaxies and Age of Conan.

The setting of Age of Conan was conducive to what I wanted and was a setting I could fully immerse myself into role playing in. Even so, I still focused on a mechanically OP character.

When I began participating in weekly fight practices and park battles the idea of story stopped at the name of the character I had fabricated. The goal of the full contact games I played was always to win the battle by any means necessary. I would wield giant axes that could hook something seven feet away or a max length, minimum weight two handed weapon that was quick and dirty.

A few of my friends had tried Dystopia Rising back in 2011/2012 and told me how great it was. At this point I had begun to think I wanted something more than just beating people with a giant war hammer and I really wanted to try role playing face to face with someone.

February of 2012 I came to Dystopia Rising and made a primitive beat stick named Bjorn (later changed to Amaroq). This is where things began to change and finally brings me to why I call this Blog "Wrap Shot"

A wrap shot is a type of weapon throw that goes out with the blade tip facing away from the target. After passing the individuals zone of control, you turn the wrist and essentially pull the opposite edge into the persons back or other target.

It's highly effective and not allowed in most lightest touch larps for safety reasons.

The point is it's at this point in 2012 that I began to turn. When I was once going straight down the line of someone who just gamed for the hollow rewards and victories, I pulled a twist. It still took a while but over the course of my time at Dystopia Rising and making amazing friends within the community there I fully embraced the story side of gaming. I knew my proverbial wrap shot struck true when I had my first character give up his life on the stairs of the Double Tap many years ago. At that point I knew I was in it for the story, my friends, my friends I hadn't yet met and furthering everyone's enjoyment.

So now going back to the top. Why say I'm a power gamer?

Because I have the ability to be and I want to ask anyone who also has the ability to be to use their powers for good and not exploitation. A power gamer knows how to make their characters strong, how to say "technically" when citing rules, how to combine those seven obscure things to make an unbeatable combination.

If a power gamer turns those abilities towards building up others, towards building story and community, towards helping those potentially exploitable rules not be spread but quietly brought up to game runners then I believe we could help create an even better experience for everyone.

Now I'm looking forward to being the Storytelling Director at the new Dystopia Rising: New York chapter and I hope I can help to weave not only an amazing story but an amazing community in the process.