Utopia Descending FAQ's


Will the first event include airsoft?

Due to how nice the site is, we’ll be opting to not do enhanced combat. This means that Nerf guns and latex weapons will be used instead of airsoft.

Will food be provided at the event?

There will be a small tea shop with snacks, but you will need to bring your own food to the event if you want a full meal. There are many nearby restaurants for you to choose from.

Can I bring my own weapons to the game?

All weapons will be provided by the game itself. All you need to bring is yourself and your costume.

What sort of clothes should my character wear?

We recommend SCGs (or SeeGees) for your character. This includes black or camouflage pants that are not jeans, a grey undershirt, and a black tank-top overshirt. If it’s cold, then wear a black jacket. If you want to move your costuming up to the next level, consider lightly armored vests or jackets, and keep a sci-fi/military feel to them. You can also go all-out by creating costuming that emulates a “near-future cybersoldier” with strapped-on gear, a polished, professional appearance, dark glasses, and a sleek leather trench coat.

What type of camo for SCGs do you recommend for character costuming? Is it US woodland m81 (BDU colors)?

BDUs vary based on assignment location. Since the first event is in a more wooded area, US Woodland would be appropriate. However, digital design urban is also completely acceptable, since it’s a training camp scenario. You could also choose another type of camo pattern and say that you were given your gear for your future assignment location. In other words, any camo pattern can work with the right explanation.

Do we sleep on site?

The character event only lasts for one day on Saturday. However, there will be workshops on Friday to help get you in character, and then on Sunday we will be holding our game runner workshops. Because of this, we recommend that you sleep on site if you live far from the site.

What supplies do I need?

If you are sleeping on site, we recommend a sleeping bag or blanket/bedding. We also recommend basic toiletries, your own clothes, costuming for your character, food, a water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, and any supplies you may want or need when sleeping away from home.

What amenities are on site?

There are showers, bathrooms, and heating on site. There is also a full kitchen and numerous cabins with bunk beds and mattresses.