The Future is a fantasy… and you’re in it.

Utopia Descending: New England is a multi-genre industrial fantasy experience that takes place anywhere in New England at a variety of locations and venues. No matter what the story of the month is, these experiences always take place in the exciting dystopian future of Utopia Descending! This means anything from immersive combat events, pop-up themed parties and a variety of online experiences such as online tabletop, augmented reality story puzzles and more can happen.

UD NE: Murder Mystery Event

It's a mystery! The black market occult auction, murder mystery experience you never knew you wanted. Join Utopia Descending at Lotta Studio for an eight hour fully immersive interactive party. Individuals will participate in a simulated occult auction, murder mystery complete with interactive puzzles, magnificent props, roleplaying challenges, story driven whimsy and all the coffee you can drink! Costume up as yourself or create your own other worldly character persona to interact with the event as. 

Food and drink will be available from the amazing Cafe X. They provide a variety of baked goods, sandwiches and beverages both hot and cold! 


“The year is 2035. An other worldly catastrophe led the world into a capitalist dystonia where 5 mega-corporations use demi-god like super humans to fight an ongoing war with the inhuman creatures from the beyond. YOU are one of these demi-gods, known only as Pillars. You find yourself at  a black market auction house selling the most powerful and dangerous occult and other worldly objects. These objects could help accomplish your goals and possibly help deal with your enemies. You live in a brave new world of strange science, an age of new magic and corporate sponsored war.”

June 29th, 2019

1pm- 8pm

Lotta Studio

911 Whalley Ave

New Haven. Connecticut

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Digital Experience
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Can’t make it to an event but still want to support the game? Here is how!

This ticket will allow us to provide more and more online interactive experiences for you such as ARG, Online Puzzles, Roleplay interactions and much more that we haven’t even thought of yet!

(Digital Experience tickets count toward your Utopia Descending Event attendance towards an additional card slot at events. There is no cap on the number of digital experience tickets you can purchase, but as always only one of them will go towards your slot.)

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