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Pillars UNLEASHED! Tabletop

Pillars UNLEASHED! Tabletop


Pillars UNLEASHED! Real Missions! Real Danger! Real Prizes!

The new Connecticut River Rift high stakes challenge show where we tally the points of individual teams A and B as they complete real missions with added twists!

A terrifying turf war has been raging between Elephant-like and Wolf-Like humanoids known as the Probids and the Canids. Up until recently the turf war has granted Pillars the upper hand as the two frequently slaughtered each other, but a halt in activity has raised attention to the region.

Team A will compete on November 17, while Team B will compete on November 18.

On November 24th, the stakes are risen as the wolf and elephant-like humanoids turn aggro! The challenges are twice as difficult, and the risks are twice as high! We are sending in our UNLEASHED Team, to complete their mission with suicidal conditions.

Say it with me. UNLEASH! THOSE! PILLARS!

The online tabletop takes place on three different dates. Your storyteller, John Marquis, will reach out to you before each game to give you a link to the online Tabletop and Discord.

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