Dante's Asylum Tabletop

Dante's Asylum Tabletop


Join us for an online tabletop that takes you to Dante’s Asylum! Each experience uses the Roll20 tabletop system, and storyteller Max Deville will reach out before each event to give a link to the online tabletop and Discord.

November 21

Due to all the awful weather, ISTO base Paradiso has discovered that pieces of the wall surrounding the Asylum has begun to break, and in some places chunks have fallen off. While this may not be quite cause for alarm, the latent energy from these broken pieces has begun mutating the creatures and plants around base! ISTO needs pillars to not only clear out the uglies that have sprung up, but fix the wall keeping the Asylum in check.

November 23

Things inside the asylum, despite all the holiday entertainment, have appeared to have grown worse. According to ecological studies done on many of the floors over the past few months, a number of giant beasts have begun invading and killing local populations. ISTO is encouraging pillar teams to enter on a trophy hunt. Whichever of the pillar teams sent in brings back the most heads of these creatures, named “Catacreatures”, will earn a big payday and prize.

November 25

‘Tis the season for giving, remembering your loved ones, and snagging as much loot as possible for yourself (to repurpose later on in life as kitschy furniture). As a gift to the pillars who have been working so hard this year, ISTO Base Paradiso is inviting you to raid their vault (and test out their new security measures…), filled with relics and gear and wealth galore. Rules are simple, you need to go in with a team, you can keep anything you take, but you need to make it out in one piece to claim your prize.

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