Utopia Descending NE: Rise of the Synth October 2019

Utopia Descending NE: Rise of the Synth October 2019

from 30.00

Join Utopia Descending for a fully immersive 3 -zone combat event.

Participate in simulated combat scenarios in this Cyberpunk Fantasy Epic. Solve puzzles and complete fantastical tasks in the world of Utopia Descending. The Abyss has been overwhelmed with a new enemy… The Synth. These monster synthetic abominable hybrids have started taking over and filling every nook and cranny of the expanding influence of the evil landscape itself, The Abyss. It’s up to you to fight, hack and influence your way into making sure the world comes out the same at the end of all this, or at least come out the way you want it to.

“The future is a fantasy…and you’re in it.”

General World Setting:

“The year is 2035. An other worldly catastrophe led the world into a capitalist dystonia where 5 mega-corporations use demi-god like super humans to fight an ongoing war with the inhuman creatures from the beyond. YOU are one of these demi-gods, known only as Pillars. You are on the front lines as the veil of a long isolated region of The Abyss. You and your fellow Pillars must take up arms at the forward operating base Vanguard. You live in a brave new world of strange science, an age of new magic and corporate sponsored war.” (For more specific game information visit: utopiadescendingne.com)

Venue: Ground Zero Airsoft Field

October 5th

243 Wolcott Rd, Terryville, CT 06786

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How do 3-zone events work? There are three areas of play:

Green Zone>> Non-Combat Roleplay space for hands free social story and interactions.

Yellow Zone>> Non-Combat interactive space for physically challenging tasks, puzzles and simulations.

Red Zone>> Physical Simulated combat area.

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