Advanced Professions, 3.0, and You!


So I’m going to state something right up front with this blog post: This one is going to be geared to those that play Dystopia Rising LARP. If you have no idea what that game is, then you probably won’t get much out of this one (though you should absolutely check it out here). It’s going to use mechanical terms from the game that you may or may not understand as I blast through this.

Now that I’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, I want to talk to you a bit about Advanced Professions in Dystopia Rising LARP (most directors love and hate these, by the way). These professions are, effectively, roleplay professions that are gained only after putting an application in for one of them. There are only a few in the network (comparatively speaking), and tend to have skills that can be extremely useful in very specific situations but otherwise don’t come into play, unless it’s for roleplay purposes.

The reason why your directors love and hate these advanced professions is twofold. We love them because, in theory, they give players something to strive for in terms of roleplay. We hate them because we don’t have eyes everywhere, and don’t necessarily see the roleplay that someone is putting in. We also hate them because some of the skills are, quite frankly, broken in terms of a network-wide series of games as opposed to working in a single game.

If you’ve been playing Dystopia Rising LARP, you’ve probably heard something about the 3.0 announcement. Among the things occurring with this update is that Advanced Professions are going to go away. Instead, there will be advanced concentrations that EVERYONE can gain access to—and don’t necessarily need to go through a vetting process to receive (I love this. More opportunity for players equals more better).

For those that already have Advanced Professions, I can only imagine that there’ll be the opportunity to receive an advanced concentration. For those that aren’t “feeling” the new advanced concentrations (whatever they are), there’s also going to be a three year “time gap” once 3.0 rolls out. This allows players to create a story for their character in case they want to take their character another direction in terms of skills and professions.

Now I get to the meat of what I want to talk about today. We have absolutely no idea what these advanced concentrations are going to be. It’s fair to surmise that there’s going to be a science-based one (Techno Savant and Free Radical), a shady-as-fuck one (Shadow, Overlord, and Villon), a militant one (Mercenary, Merican Bad-Ass,  and Reaper), a psion/priest-based one (Mind Killer and Saint), a knowledge/doctor/lore one (Sage and Grave Robber) and likely a commerce one (Entrepreneur, Mountebank). Likely, there will be others, as well—but I’m only speculating in terms of wide “groupings” rather than specificities. This is largely because we don’t know what exactly we’re going to get over the next few years.

Now with that said, I want to toss an idea your way. In the next few years, a few of you are probably going to want to aim for an advanced profession. However, because these are changing, there’s a sort of uncertainty when it comes to these professions. But that doesn’t mean that your character needs to stop still in terms of advancement.

Using a general guideline of the “groupings” of advanced professions, consider putting in a player plot request. Ask to get involved in the shadier side of things through roleplay. Ask to be given tasks for a financial plot. Ask for the opportunity to work with a company of fighters in the field. Ask to chase a giant dinosaur around and go on adventures. Guide your roleplay so when the advanced concentrations do come out, it feels more natural to pick one up. The point of LARP is the roleplay, and using roleplay to allow your character to become connected to certain groups before 3.0 comes out is a great way to advance your character socially. Not only that, but it gives your character a story arc that may come to a conclusion when 3.0 comes out, or continues onward into the future.

Either way, it’s important to note that your character isn’t stopping in advancement—it’s continuing forward. So do me a favor: Keep on playing, have fun with your character, and game on.