Looking to Hire

Story Teller Director for
Dystopia Rising New Jersey

The Imagine Nation Collective is looking for the Story Telling Director position at Dystopia Rising New Jersey to oversee the growth, development, and community driven story-lines of the Dystopia Rising New Jersey franchise. This unique job opportunity requires a person who possesses both a wealth of skills in regards to both a creative and business mindset. Applicants should show a desire to lead our community by example.

Job requirements include but are not limited to:

An extensive knowledge of the core content of the Dystopia Rising RPG game world.
Basic computer literacy and reliable Internet.
Reliable transportation.
Effective communication skills, both in the context of working within a team and in communicating with players and customers.
Preferred but not required: experience in community management

Applicants must be able to attend and oversee the operations of 12 weekend long (Friday 12noon - Sunday 4pm) events in the North NJ area, as well as up to 6 yearly conventions and social events in various locations both local and away.
Write and submit comprehensive story guideline documents monthly.
Physically set up and break down event and convention module spaces.
Follow clearly outlined timetables. 
Monitor and organize a team of local volunteers.
Review and assist in redesigning volunteer content.
Work with the rest of the team to manage and grow the community around DR NJ to be a positive and healthy environment for all who attend.
Keep written documentation and communicate clearly and promptly via project management websites, as well as messenger services and email.
Daily contact with in house team as well as players/customers. This includes daily email answering, with a 24hour max response time.
Work with charity organizations to build a more enriched community.
Develop content for a monthly LARP and Community related BLOG provided by Imagine Nation.

Pay will be negotiated based on experience and skill.

Position requires 3 months of training and 1 month of shadowing as a trial period. 

Applications should include the following:

Your Professional Resume
Related Work and Volunteer History
A 1000 word or less document that outlines what you would like to see for the New Jersey branch Meta direction

Please submit all applications, resumes, and content to

We are taking applications until December 31, 2016.