The shattering has come and gone, breaking the dreams of the old world. We changelings, those who survived the wars of the ancient formorians have taken the shards of the old and built our new future.  Our future, our dreams re-forged, is a mosaic of a world that refuses to die and a world that refuses to let us live.

The old dream is dead.  Long live the new dream.

Stained Glass Hearts is a new changeling LARP set in the aftermath of battle against the ancient fimorians  A surge of magic has changed the changeling world, making it wild and mysterious again, while the fae struggle to cope with changes to their society and even their very selves. It's a time of great excitement and opportunity, but also strange new threats, with the very world up for grabs. In short, a time of dreams.

Stained Glass Hearts has been created by, and is being run by, none other than Peter Woodworth.
Pete Woodworth has been writing For and running changeling larps off and on for over a decade.
This is his first game in almost seven years, but he'll be the first to tell you, it feels like coming home again.