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A Series of Hauntings 2018 Story Content List

Content List

A Series of Hauntings is a series of dark scenarios that are portrayed over the course of a few hours. Because of the dark material being used, we have provided a content list to let participants know what kinds of things they may encounter during the game.

A Series of Hauntings may include material that deals with the themes of loss, violence, suicide, bullying, child abuse, spousal abuse, drug abuse, mass murder, infidelity, torture, and socioeconomic status.

A Series of Hauntings is designed to work with subject matter such as depression, loss, bereavement, emotional conflict, guilt, shame, and lost opportunity. A Series of Hauntings is not an event that is for everyone, nor is it an event that should be participated in without giving serious consideration to bleed control and emotional self-awareness. 

A Series of Hauntings does not contain any material that deals with or contains anything to do with sexual assault.