Welcome to the

Sleepy Hollow College of The Arcane

We here at Sleepy Hollow pride ourselves on our intercollegiate programs in the fields of the magical and supernatural and we look forward to welcoming you to a diverse and exciting course schedule that will prepare you for a wide range of positions within the Wizard world. 
Here at Sleepy Hollow you will train your skills in advanced programs such as Potion Making, Talismans, Dueling, Warding, Elementalism, Paranormal Activity, Supernatural Beings, as well as hard to find course programs such as Protection from the Dark Arts. 

Graduates from Sleepy Hollow are amongst the highest sought after magical practitioners.  Upon successful completion of our program, students find positions within high demand fields ranging from talisman crafting to paranormal zoology. 

Thank you for your interest in Sleepy Hollow Wizards College.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the following basic aptitude test and questionnaire and our admissions team will contact you to set up your admissions testing.


-Headmaster R.V. Winkle
Sleepy Hollow Wizards College: The Primary American
 School of Magic


Thank you for submitting your application forms.  Applications for the DEXCON admissions class are now closed.  If you wish to submit for future class outings, we will be sorting house and society memberships prior to our next event. 


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