LARPs as Safer Spaces

My fellow gamers

Live Action Role Playing requires that one is able to relax, and be fully able to express themselves without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or unsafe. In other words one needs to be ok with their surroundings both physically and socially in order to have fun. In order to make our surroundings more enjoyable, let’s talk a bit about how to make a LARP a safer place for everyone.

I ask my fellow gamers to join with me in making our community a safer space as possible, while recognizing that no space is 100% safe and free of oppression. If anything shitty needs to be called out to make our community a safer place then let it be known that it is a place where we are open to others ideas, thoughts, beliefs and realities.

I ask of my fellow gamers to guard each person’s self-respect and dignity regardless of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, cultural back ground, religious affiliation, age, physical or mental ability.

I ask my fellow gamers to ask questions about what you may not understand, wish to know more about, or would like clarification on

I ask my fellow gamers that anything shared in confidence be kept in confidence

I ask my fellow gamers to not tolerate offensive, oppressive and shitty behaviour. I ask that the figure heads of my community utilize a three-strike system wherein self-re-education on topics is encouraged when one might not understand how they have made our community space unsafe. However I also ask we as a community maintain the right to deal with each infringement as we see fit and give no warnings.

I ask my fellow gamer to expect and respect trigger warnings at any time from anyone. This comes with the respect that both in and out of game there could be some topics or themes that carry heavy emotional weight to any given individual, and what those topics and themes are could be anything. If at any point a member of our community says I have this trigger I ask that you safe guard them from the negative experience they would incur should they be triggered.

I ask that we promote the gaming community as one that is for any identity, orientation, thoughts, beliefs and or people, as long as that identity, orientation, thoughts, or beliefs does not oppress another.

What does that mean?

It means you do not tolerate these things in your community:

Ableism, Ace erasure, Bi erasure/ Monosexism, Binarism, Cissexism/Cissupremecy, Dyadism, Fat-shaming, Hetero sexism, Mental illness- shaming, Multiplicity hate, Racism, Sexism/Misogyny, Slut-shaming, Trans-misogyny

If at any time, you witness something problematic in our community or that goes against the above, I ask that you call it out, and accept when others call you out as we have been born and grown and marinated in oppression. We as a greater societal whole have lived off the avails of oppression and I ask that you accept help from others acknowledging this within yourself as a member of our community.


-The Safe Space Network, reworked for LARPing community purposes by Severn Nelson
A Network of Safe Spaces, Resources and Information for anyone who needs it.