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The sooner you fill this out, the more time our writers have for building experiences that match the vibe you want. <3

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I have read the event description or will do so soon. I either have, or soon, will look at the fact that this is a american freeform style larp that is collaborative storytelling instead of a parlor-larp which focuses on mechanics based conflict resolution. I either have read, or will read, the continuation story line where conflicts of narrative (between myself and other characters) as well as how the past 10 years effected my character are addressed. I understand that the staff has put these materials together for my education, and if I choose not to read it, I am putting myself in a scenario where I will probably not have as good of a time. I agree that as the sun guards the earth by day, as the stars by night, so shall I serve the spirit of the Dream. This my duty I shall not abandon the hope of a place where we all can thrive and grow with compassion from the start of the event until the end, May I act with best intent, look to include others, and leave the banality and horror of the waking world outside else may the stars close their eyes and sleep.