Merger Between Dziobak Larp Studios and Imagine Nation Collective, LLC

Today, we’re very pleased to announce that Dziobak Larp Studios and Imagine Nation Collective, LLC are merging as one company. Not only are they two of the largest LARP companies in the world, but this merger opens up the opportunity to create live experiences even further abroad.


Dziobak Larp Studios is a LARP (Live Action Role Play) design collective that has created a range of experiences for live audiences. College of Wizardry, Fairweather Manor, and Convention of Thorns are only some of the experiences that they’ve brought to the world. By merging with Imagine Nation Collective, LLC, Dziobak Larp Studios can now bring these live, interactive events to the United States.

“We’re looking at doing new and bigger events, which we can better make happen as one team instead of two,” said Ashley Zdeb, president of the new company, which bears the enigmatic name of Turtle House.

Imagine Nation Collective, LLC is run by the team behind one of the only LARP franchises in the United States, Dystopia Rising LARP. This post-apocalyptic experience allows participants to become a survivor in the zombie apocalypse for a weekend as they fight off waves of undead. The Imagine Nation Collective team is also behind experiences such as Roadtrip, Utopia Descending, A Series of Hauntings, and multiple other events.

“By merging, we have become the unquestionably largest LARP company in the world,” said CEO Claus Raasted. “That’s only the beginning, though. We want to take LARP to the next level and make it truly mainstream.”

The combined teams count out at almost forty people worldwide, with offices in Poland, Denmark, and the United States. Both Dziobak Larp Studios and Imagine Nation Collective, LLC are innovators in their field, creating transformative experiences that take participants into the action in a truly spectacular fashion.

“I think this is going to cause a number of changes for the players and community,” said the CCO Michael Pucci. “It will allow for us to create more blockbuster experiences while taking all the resources and tools developed for these massive engagements to constantly product better practices. This step will allow us to begin hiring more diverse teams to tell stories that would have never been able to see the light of day 10 years ago. I also think that the joined teams will allow us to work with companies and intellectual properties that would have never considered doing immersive experiences as an IP venture before.”

The companies are planning on taking their live experiences to the next level, creating new events in the United States and in Europe. Currently, they’re working on Gangs of Birmingham, 1878: Welcome to Salvation, Roadtrip 2019, and are also in the early stages of a few major IP projects.

“Our main ambition is to take live action experiences to the world,” said Jeff Moxley, managing director of the new company. “We want to make this a staple of entertainment rather than a frontier.”

With the tagline of “We make dreams a reality,” the newly merged companies plan on providing strong experiences to participants in a spectacular manner.

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