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1878: Welcome to Salvation

They say the west was won. But in Salvation, the world of the late 1800s in the Wild West is alive and waiting for you. Walk down main street past tumbleweeds and townsfolk, sheriffs and shootouts. Inside the saloon, the piano plays a raggedy tune just for you. Grab a glass of whiskey and sit in on a fast-paced game of cards. Just look out for the cowpoke across from you. There might be an ace up their sleeve. Or a gun under the table.

Salvation is a wild west live action experience as imagined by the pop culture of yesterday and today. It’s high noon gun battles and cattle rustlers, frontier justice and wilderness adventure. Rooted in the history of the American expansion, Salvation takes a look at life in a small town in the middle of nowhere, on the trail from the east to parts unknown.

Choose from over two hundred characters you can become, from cowboy to townsfolk, and embrace your inner Wild West self. Pick your white or black hat and customize your experience in this destination vacation meets wild west living. Dodge tumbleweeds and bar brawls, listen for the jangle of spurs under the hot Texas sun, and become the character you’ve always wanted to be. For one weekend in November, take a trip away from your everyday life and help us make the town of Salvation come alive.

Because this is not a movie you just watch.

In 1878, you are the protagonist of your story.

Welcome to Salvation. Discover the West as it was, it wasn’t, and how it could have been.

1978: Welcome to Salvation Teaser