Michael Pucci


Warning: content is much kinder than appears.

Michael is a game designer, writer, layout designer, international LARP network organizer, the COO and co-founder of Eschaton Media Inc, the content designer for the Dystopia Rising LARP Netowork, and has had over 18 gaming publications in just the past six years.

Michael was the world creator and mechanics designer of Dystopia Rising, Chronos Universal LARP System, and Project Paradigm.  Michael was the primary writer and designer for the DR LARP Book, Core Book, Monoliths of Rust, Pillars of Dead Light, Embers of the Irradiated West, Echoes of the Celluloid Dream, Axis of Blood and Iron, Diaries of the Rum Coast, Scraps of the Rust Empire, Overgrowth of the Undying, Project: Paradigm, CHRONOS, Sleepy Hollow, Devil Days, Dreamless, I AM ZOMBIE, and Writer's Blocks.  With over 20 years of LARP storytelling experience in a combination of the Camarilla Club, One World By Night, numerous independent game Chapters, and the Dystopia Rising LARP network Michael is one of the co-founders of the Imagine Nation Collective.


My focus is to ensure that the written design and organization of LARP systems offers itself to aid the growth and development of the LARP communities they serve.  By developing social guides and encouraging positive behavior, it is my hope that we can help the greater gaming community to overcome the obstacles it places in front of itself.   I hope that this community becomes the first step for something better, where we can provide social and safety standards for the LARP community as a whole.