The following LARPs are organized by Imagine Nation Members and strive to keep to the organizations standards and social contracts.  Check them out if you get the chance!

Sacred Grounds LARP - A contact safe, chronicle play, fantasy LARP that combines role-play traditionally found in more theater style games with the adventure and action normally found in fantasy contact safe LARPs.  

The American School of Wizardry -  A Theatrical, Mature Themed, Stand Alone LARP based on American students studying to be Wizards and Witches.  Individuals who will go out in the world to fight supernatural threats, to allow humanity to exist unscathed, and work their means without drawing too much attention to their studies.  

Dystopia Rising LARP Network - A contact safe, chronicle play, mature content, adult themed, networked, sandbox style post zombie apocalypse LARP.  Taking place in the table top universe of Dystopia Rising, the networked play of the Dystopia Rising system allows for massive networks of thousands of players to participate in multiple hundred player games in a shared universe.  Heavy economy, horror, drama, and both non player character and player character on player character violence occur. 

Devil Days - If in the 1950's everything they said about Rock n Roll being the devil's music was true, then you would find yourself in the Devil Days.  Devil Days is a CHRONOS game world that is a Theatrical style game that uses both Stand Alone and Networked play.  Currently Devil Days is operating on single 'convention play module' design, but is intended to eventually be released as both a produce and a networked game in chronicle format.