In-House Projects

A short list of our favorite events created by Imagine Nation and its team members.

RT fisrt day by Nadina b&w-095.jpg

Road Trip

Starting in Chicago, IL and ending on the Santa Monica, CA beach, for 7 days 26 participants took on the roles of band members, managers, roadies and entourage of a touring rock band down Route 66. The band performed 4 actual bookings, filmed a music video at the Cadillac Ranch and stopped in Las Vegas for a (real) impromptu wedding, all while enjoying a fully-managed experience across the 2,448 miles.

This project was run in partnership with Dziobak Larp Studios.

Utopia Descending

Utopia Descending is a modern industrial fantasy LARP.  A Live Action Role Playing game, Utopia Descending breaks almost all of the tropes of Fantasy LARP by creating new universes, adding modern themes, and integrating techniques primarily used in Alternate Reality Games.


World’s Wake

World’s Wake is a big apocalyptic science fiction experience that emphasizes socialization at the showboat hotel in Atlantic City! Refugees from the razed nations of Venga are congregating in Portent, the last metropolis. Many are there to burn like their homelands before them: to throw one last, dazzling party before everything ends. Others, however, seek knowledge in the hopes it will yield the means for survival.