Houses of the Sleepy Hollow

House Arktos : House of the Naked Bear

Naked Bears are guides. Those who are not afraid of the unknown but rather embrace the mysteries of existence. A Naked Bear will be the ones you follow when you are weak and need a strong hand to pull you through the darkness. Strong willed and brave, the Naked Bear will push back evil and help lead you to salvation and understanding.
Founded in 1799 by Seneca leader Handsome Lake, after he had a vision from 3 spiritual messengers about dangerous witches among his people. After a long battle Handsome Lake sought out these messengers who turned out to be Jacob Bois, Lady Katherine Lethoph, and R.V. Winkle. Impressed by his abilities to defeat these witches he joined the leaders, bringing with him a new school of magic. 

House Striges: House of Traditions

The House of Traditions are masters of the mechanical design of magick.  Casting aside folk magic and nuanced fields of magick the House of Traditions focuses primarily on mathematical and alchemy focused studies.  Alchemy, Astrology, Theurgy, Numerology, and other forms of 'high magick' are the bell, book, and candle of House Striges.
Officially founded in 1718 in the colony of Connecticut, the House of Traditions originally organized itself publicly as a college of clergy and scribes.  However in 1773 R.H. Isaac Carregal  oversaw the transition of House Striges from Connecticut to the New York town of Sleepy Hollow.  


House Boislapin:  House Long Lost Friend

Long Lost Friends are heal workers. They use the power of hexes and poultices to bring right what went wrong. A Long Lost Friend will know what root is needed when your tooth aches and what spell to be whispered when your legs have been removed. Wise and kind your Long Lost Friend will walk with you and make sure you get where you are headed.
Founded by Jacob Bois, a life long practitioner of Folk Magic, and herb crafting. Jacob was well known for his tireless ability to heal the sick with his folk remedies. Was approached by R. H. Isaac Carregal and Lady Katherine Lethoph, to to form a school for the magically gifted, but he declined thinking that this knowledge should be for the people. Soon after he was rounded up and hanged for being a witch, after curing a dieing girl with a poultice. Blissfully unaffected by the noose due to his extensive curitive abilities he secreted off to found the Sleepy Hollow Wizards College.

House Lethoph: House of Living Magicks

Treating the humours of man kind, masters of sigils, and lore masters of beasts and spirits the House of Living Magicks has a long history studying the primal powers of life and death.  Wardens of the grave and fierce hunters of dangerous supernaturals, it is a member of House Lethoph that you want at your side when dealing with a haunted home or a ancient subterranean culture.    

Founded in the early 1700s as a society of barber surgeons, the House of Living Magicks are the reputed masters of potions, and primal healing magicks.  With connections reaching back to Lady Katherine Lethoph of Massachusetts, the masters and students of House Lethoph are the most ardent students of life, death, and the after life.  While respected for their capacities to heal, many times the members of house Lethoph are unsettling to outsiders due to their extensive knowledge of death and undeath.  
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