Scion: The God War is based in the universe of Scion: Hero with a focus that is primarily on the conflicts, tensions, and conflicting interests of individual pantheons of gods within enclosed scenarios given the backdrop of a the Titanwar. While in Scion: The God War there is an ever-present threat of an enemy that unifies the Pantheons, the direct focus of Scion: The God War is the inter Pantheon drama, tensions, and conflict that comes from individuals with higher purposes and intense passions that do not coincide with one another.

Scion: The God War is designed to be bottle scenarios where the individual participants can play their own interpretations of seventy-seven different characters across seven different pantheons. Each character is given several personal and pantheon specific character goals that can have their priority increased or decreased based on the focus and agency of the participants playing the characters.

In addition to the current seven pantheons and seventy-seven potential characters, Scion: The God War is developed with individual bottle scenarios that are designed to focus on different cities, local cultures, regional events, and different points of conflicts between the pantheons. Some locations have higher influence by supernatural creatures outside the realm of Scion, some locations are focused primarily on the interactions between the Pantheons of gods and the conflict created by differing thoughts and philosophies.

In the end, with 13 location scenarios, expanding the project out to include all modern Scion Pantheons, and providing the character bios as part of the primary document it is our hope that this design can be revisited a number of times by participants looking to have a high tension and primarily player driven narrative experience.