New England has always had a strange way about it. From the hidden nightmares that slumber beneath Providence Rhode Island, to the ancient students of the arcane found in Salem Massachusetts, to the complex history of hermetic and secret societies of New Haven Connecticut.   

We of the Homestead of Elms are the shadows of modern culture that watch for the true darkness.
And you belong among us, magus. 
Homestead of Elms is an ExArcana LARP that takes place in the modern day world of ExArcana in the arcane soaked home of New Haven Connecticut. Homestead of Elms focuses on archaic ceremonial magic, other worldly mysteries, complex machinations of usurper secret societies, and a touch of steampunk inspired themes.
More details on dates, times, and location to follow. We will also be traveling to MidWinter Convention in 2017.
For the free rule and genre PDF, rules on how CHRONOS works, please following this provided link.