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Dystopia Rising: New Jersey


We are proud to manage the New Jersey chapter of the networked Dystopia Rising LARP game network. Participants take part in a Friday through Sunday event as a post-apocalyptic survivors in a simulated wasteland. During this time, you'll make connections, fight off zombies, and deal with other threats in the apocalypse as a fictional character. 



Utopia Descending: North East

Utopia Descending is a cyberpunk fantasy LARP. Participants take on the roles of supernatural beings known as Pillars fighting for the safety of our planet against the monsters of many different universes. Along the way, you fight for humanity, sponsorship or personal power! The future is a fantasy…and you’re in it!

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Dystopia Rising: New York


Based in the north-western region of New York state, the DR: NY branch is currently on hiatus as we search for a new location. Check out the lore, history and people of DR:NY at the full website.