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This is not your standard retailer sales page. These objects are not sitting in a retail storeroom waiting to see if someone purchases them.

Drop-shipped sales are a way for you to save money on your LARP products by taking advantage of bulk purchases from the manufacturer. We have licensed an agreement where we will process larger orders for you, order direct from the crafters at Epic Armoury, and have these items drop-shipped directly. While drop-shipped ordering does take a little more time, since it will be traveling overseas direct from the manufacturers, the volume you save in both individual shipping costs and with the lower individual prices more than makes up for it. 

Bulk order direct drop-ships can be made available to LARP groups outside of our network with an email so we can explain the program and terms of service.  You will need your account number to proceed to the sales pages.

If you want to set a new account, please contact us here to get your discount and access account numbers. 

Shipping Costs -

Shipping is based on order price. This is the easiest way to standardize things. 

Ordering Minimum - 

Drop-shipment ordering saves you money based on bulk orders and finding the lowest calculated shipping cost. A notable cost of standard ordering is shipping for individual boxes. By doing bulk shipping on larger orders, shipping costs become less expensive. Bulk orders also cost less from the manufacturers, allowing us to sell in bulk to you at rates lower than what you will see in standard retail stores. For bulk orders, all drop-shipment orders must be at least $500 before shipping costs, taxes, and after any applicable discounts. Average discount is 20% off of the MSRP (meaning a order of $600 worth of game running equipment costs only $500 on average). 

Returns  - 

Iron Fortress only accepts returns for defective products. To return defective products, first contact Iron Fortress via email, phone +45 6591 9702 or Skype. Iron Fortress will ask for photos to evaluate the alleged defect. If Iron Fortress accepts the defect, then Iron Fortress may ask the retailer to break the product and send photos of the broken product before issuing a credit note. Otherwise Iron Fortress will ask the retailer to ship the product(s) back. When items are returned to Iron Fortress for any reason, the following information must be disclosed, in writing and included in the return package:

  1. The name of the Iron Fortress employee who has approved the return
  2. Reason for the return
  3. Invoice number on which the item was invoiced from Iron Fortress
  4. The item product code number(s)
  5. The number of items that are included in the returned shipment/package.