There is no Illuminati.

Today the first Dystopia Rising winter event was announced. Amidst a lot of (rightful) excitement, someone asked why we don’t run National events on the west coast.

Well, little Timmy, let me tell you.

Dystopia Rising has a national event format of one each season. Our sister company, Imagine Nation Collective, runs Downfall. We created the whole shebang and Downfall is the hardest, busiest, most nuts event we run each year. We love it. Often, we ask other Directors to help us make the magic happen. We’re also based in New England, so it’s probably always going to be in this region. If only because we can’t put that many severed limbs in checked baggage.

That leaves 3 other events. You’re probably familiar with Uprise, as we’ve had three of them. The other two options, winter and summer, have floated in the aether. Any branch that has been running for at least 8 events can apply to run one of them. We look over all the applications and pick the best one. Before this coming winter event, we’ve never received an app for winter or summer. For the last three years, we’ve received one app each year for Uprise.

So, if you would like to see a national event in your area, start with the carrier pigeons to your local Directors. Tell them what you want. I can’t assign them, they must be applied for. Besides, if I’m not running the event that’s just an opportunity to get drunk in an airport lounge and let Jeff take over all my leg space while I watch free movies. Believe me, I’m down.

This brings me to a broader point. Companies that are based on repeat business want their customers to be happy and return. That’s it. There’s rarely an ulterior motive or secret agenda. Especially when it comes to larp and other live events and experiences. I could tell you that our desire for good events is based on an altruistic drive to spread happiness and joy in the world, through avenues covered in fake blood and nerf guns and in some ways it is. But more so, this is a business that we run based our ideals. Every Director, in some degree, wants nothing more than for you to come to an event, have a great time, go home happy and bring a friend when you come back.


This shouldn’t be taken as a suggestion that the customer is always right. I will say no to 100 demanding, angry, vindictive players who demand that we shape the game around their desires. If you threaten to leave if you don’t get what you want, especially if what you want is special treatment or an exception to the rule, I will be happy to find someone to help you carry your things to the door. But that is because we believe that the community is more important than one entitled person. From a business perspective, a game loses any number of good players when negative people are allowed to flourish. Do I want to lose 1 player or 7? The math is pretty easy to sort out.

What I’m getting at is that next time you lose your bananas because the larp/video game/comic book/movie that you like turns out to be an affront to your senses, give it a minute. Remember that your entertainment is made by people who are aiming to elicit a positive response from the consumers. They’re probably not out to get you. Honestly, they probably weren’t even thinking about you specifically. Creating something is hard and comes with a lot of putting your soul on the table for abuse. They’re trying to succeed. Don’t take it personal if it’s not how you decide you would have done it, if you took the same risk.