Since its inception, INC has run Downfall (Deathcon, for you old timers J) every year. Started as simply the season closer of the NJ branch, it grew into a stand-alone event in the world of DR for the last 9 years. 

What was once a 1, then 3, then 7 and now 20 branch network has changed and evolved in many ways over the years. With that, our events have changed as well. Many of you have joined us as we moved towards the soon-to-launch 3.0 system and we appreciate that you’ve stuck with this ride. We’re coming to the end of the changes and new stuff and we have one final piece that should wrap up the “new”. 

As all things begin, so too do they end. This is the case with “Network” or “National” events. As of September, we will be retiring the idea of one big event for the whole network. The simple reason is that the format no longer works for the network of games that makes up Dystopia Rising. We’ll talk more about what is coming to replace it (and it’s frankly pretty good), but for this post, we wanted to focus on what that means for Downfall 2019. 

In short, we will be canceling the in-person event. Everyone who has already purchased a ticket will receive an email from FeaturedEvents@dystopiarising.comwith a full break down of what their options are for their ticket. But, for the sake of those who might not see that email, we’ll give you the bullet points below.

For ease, we’ll talk about various points in the form of question and answer. If you have further questions or concerns, email us at

Q: I was excited to see the story of Downfall. How can I still?

A: There are two options. 1: First, you can attend the September 2019 New Jersey event. On the weekend of Sept 27, we will be running an adapted version of the design doc that was written for Downfall. It will contain the same beats, same info and same adventure. We would love to see you. 2: If you bought an attending ticket, you can convert to non-attending/play-from-home. The play-from-home is based on the design doc written for Downfall and should be a lot of fun to see. 

Q: I bought a non-attending ticket, what happens to me?

A:  For anyone who purchased a Non-Attending ticket, nothing changes for you. You’ll see the build added to your sheets over the month of September (we’re aiming to update as close to the actual weekend as possible).  You’ll still receive the play-from-home aspects.

Q: I bought an attending ticket, what happens now?

A: We will send an email to you at the address you included in your ticket purchase with all the info. The short answer is that we have a few options you can choose from. We’re working with all the other branches to make sure at least one option works for everyone. 
The options, currently, are as follows: 
You can convert to a non-attending and get everything that comes with that. 
You can receive credit for the amount purchased at either an INC event or another DR Branch, to be used on future events. 
Or you can receive a full refund.  

Q: I bought a reduced or zero Casting shift for the event?

A: We will be automatically refunding the price difference from a standard 4-hour Cast for all tickets that included a 2-hour or 0-hour Casting shift. We will wait to hear from you on the rest of your ticket, but that is the default and nothing special needs to be done for that to happen. 

 Q: I already bought a plane ticket or other non-refundable thing for Downfall that is unusable otherwise, what about me?

A: We will do our best to compensate you. Please email us at FeaturedEvents@dystopiarising.comwith the info, copies of any receipts, and your player number and we’ll work with you to find a resolution. We cannot promise that we’ll be able to create a credit for the full amount of an expensive plane ticket, or if you bought $4000 worth of pickles to hand out to everyone. But we will work with you and do our best. 

Downfall, in its current incarnation, has been amazing and we are very proud to have been at the helm. The big events we will run going forward will be different, but likely similar in many ways. The ability to bring in people from all over the network to run a special event is too much fun to stop. We look forward to seeing you in the future. Game On!