Since 2008, the Dystopia Rising LARP Network has had a major event in the fall. Formerly known as "DeathCon", now these events are known as "Downfall" and have grown to be their own massive yearly project.

Starting with a humble 204 people in 2008, Downfall has grown to amazing numbers. In 2016 over 1000 attendees spent 4 days in the Dystopia Rising universe at one massive event. 

These events are hosted by the Imagine Nation Collective, written and designed by the original creators of the Dystopia Rising universe. These events include massive over-the-top scenarios that combine huge budget sets, massive prop budgets, live performances, hundreds on NPCs, and months of writing and plot design. For scale, in 2016 the Imagine Nation Collective purchased a Vietnam era deuce and a half truck for combat scenarios. 

Downfall includes organizing a staff of over 50 volunteers, a number of paid contract employees, and hundreds of hours to make one of the most amazing experiences in LARP. Check out the video and images, all taken from Downfall.