Push the Button

You walk into a dim room, only lit by a spotlight pointed at a wall. On the far side of the room is another door. Above it is a green lit EXIT sign. There are large signs saying WARNING and DANGER above a fist sized red button in the middle of the lit wall. As you come closer you see the button says Do Not Touch.

Do you push the button or continue to the next door?

Any sane, rational person would continue on to the exit door. Leaving the button unpressed. Sane and rational is what we strive to be in our real lives. It is rather boring though, don’t you think?

 It could be dangerous... but isn't that half the fun?

It could be dangerous... but isn't that half the fun?

When we are LARPing, we build characters to take risks with. These characters tell stories, have fun adventuring and play with our friends. If our characters always make the safe choice we miss out. That safe character never gets to tell a story or go adventuring. And it is hard to play with your friends if you aren’t playing too.

Your character’s survival is not your survival - let them push the button.

Letting your character take those risks will net you big rewards. Without taking those risks or making those choices you miss out on the adventure & story side of LARP. These are two of the largest elements that going into the play aspect of these games.

You think your conservative character won’t go into the brothel --- even though you heard there were side adventures & a really cool decor in there.

But what if that character deciding to go redeem those inside? What if they use an excuse to indulge in a bit of debauchery -- and then work to be sure no one knows they did?

You think your brooding character would just sit in the corner of the party, glaring at people -- even though you want to be playing cards & finding out the gossip by the bar.

But what if that character needed to make a bit of money on that poker game? What if they are thirsty and take that last seat at the bar?

And as always - you think your character wouldn’t follow the stranger from out of town off into the dark.

What if they go?

Take the risks that you aren’t willing to take in the real world. Common sense is what keeps us safe in our everyday lives. Let your character ignore common sense. Dream big! Don’t sit on the side and say - if only I’d taken that risk. Because in the end your adventure, your story is why you come to LARP.

Now go push the button.