Rekindling a Passion

There’s no better feeling than returning to an old passion after having nearly forgotten about it. The passion never leaves, sometimes it just lays dormant for a while. Sometimes it’ll be a few months before you return, sometimes it’ll be a few years.

I often find myself becoming distracted with work or just life, finding no time or money to focus on something I once loved so much. Often times what gets me back into that passion isn’t because I felt a spark of inspiration, but because I had to for some reason.

Here’s a few of those passions that have come and gone over the years, but always stick around.


Crafting/cosplaying: I love to craft. I love to work with different types of foams, different materials, and all sorts of crafty little bits. Sometimes crafting is cheap, sometimes it’s really pricey *glances over at my roll of worbla that I’m afraid to use and mess up*. It takes a lot of time to make and if you’ve got anywhere to go that day you’ve got to cut short for clean up time. I often find myself going a few months at a time not touching anything until I realize I have to. I need a new larp weapon, or there’s a con coming up soon and I need a new cosplay. I’ll admit sometimes I don’t want to do it. Sometimes I dread the moment I have to start working. After the first day of crafting though I remember how much I love it and suddenly I don’t want to stop.

Makeup: Similar to crafting, it can be expensive and you need a lot of clean up time depending on what it is you’re practicing that day. What brings me back is when I’m coming up with a new character or a cosplay and I need to test out a makeup design for it. After the first test and discovery of a new brand of makeup, I become addicted again for the next few weeks.

Gaming: I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this. Have you ever spent every moment you had playing a game, then one day you’re too busy to play. Not a big deal, until the next day you’re busy, and suddenly it’s been a week since you’ve touched it. League is that game for me. I’ll play non-stop for a little bit, life will happen, a month passes by and I’m back on for the next week or so.

Just because it’s been a while since you’ve done something with an old passion doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. I hate feeling like I’ve lost a love for something, but I’ve come to realize it will find its way back somehow. Just give it time and don’t try and force it!