Do you like to stay out of the fight and play the support? Awesome! Supports are what hold teams together. Often times supports are the ones calling the shots! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to play a healer either. Some people like it, it’s not just a girl thing. Anyone that enjoys that role should play it!

 Photo by djlemma

Photo by djlemma

Do you enjoy playing the ‘girly’ character? Cool! Some of them have really fun designs. Some of them have really fun gameplay. Some of them are the strongest characters AND they have the cutest design! You play them because you like them for whatever reason, just as anyone else does with their favorite character. Imagine if we shamed guys for playing very masculine characters.

Do you like to play non-support characters? Go for it! No character is reserved for a certain gender. This doesn’t make you a ‘try hard’. You shouldn’t be told to ‘stick to the girl characters’. Go show everyone you can be the carry and deal the most damage! Be the tankiest of tanks and soak up all the damage! Play the sneakiest of assassins and never let them know you’re coming! Do what you like best.

Do you enjoy cosplaying characters with small amounts of clothing? Have fun! Cosplaying a character with very little coverage can feel empowering to some people. Sometimes cosplaying a male character can be hard when SO MANY OF THEM DON’T WEAR SHIRTS! Yet when a cosplayer attempts to cover their breasts with a bra or bandeau in order to cosplay a shirtless character, people will say it’s sexualized. THAT IS NOT SEXUALIZATION OF A CHARACTER! It’s covering up what is necessary in order to remain as close to the original. A cosplayer is more than allowed to add a shirt if they feel more comfortable. Cosplay is about adding your personal touch to your favorite characters. Please, please, please stop slut shaming cosplayers for enjoying showing a little skin. Do that boudoir shoot as your favorite character! Just make sure you keep the key components of the character such as scars, hair, hat, weapon, anything iconic. (that being said I do not condone this when the character/cosplayer is underage)

Do you enjoy streaming but you have large breasts? Go stream! I know this sounds absurd but do you realize when a streamer has large breasts and they’re not 100% covered up, there’s no doubt she MUST be doing it for attention! Since when did you decide what she’s allowed to wear? A lot of those girls could crush you in the game they stream so why does their cleavage make them less than you?

I have seen so many female streamers, cosplayers, and larpers shamed for all of these. As long as they enjoy what they do and no one’s getting hurt, what’s the problem? Can we just accept the fact that females don’t need to validate themselves to be a gamer too?