Staff Goals

Last post was about the disrespect that I, and I’m sure many others, have experienced throughout some sort of staff position at a LARP. This time I’d like to give some tips on how to get to those staff positions using personal experience. Not everything I say will work for everyone, but if you find yourself stuck in a rut, this might give you a new way of looking at your application.

The first part is simply recognizing that you really want to do this. I remember my very first time at a larp, and I was looking at the directors as they spoke before game on, and thought to myself ‘I want to do that’. I’m not quite there yet, but there’s plenty of time to reach that goal. You can set different goals later, but having an idea where you want to be is great.

Here’s a general breakdown of things to think about when looking at being part of staff


-Settings/Makeup: I originally wanted to be a Settings Marshal because I loved to play with special fx makeup. While on NPC shift I would offer to help with makeup, but if they didn’t need help I would do what the ST needed of me. Offering help is great, but if the other marshal has it under control don’t continue to try and help. I would post pictures on my facebook page of things that I had been working on, showing my progress and doing makeups related to what I would be doing if I were staff. I took pride in my work and loved what I did.

-Rules: Yes, knowing the rules is important to be a rules marshal, but what’s more important is you. Marshals need to know how to talk to someone from a third party point of view. How you act on your NPC shift will reflect how you would be viewed for marshal. If you’re willing to give it your all every time, put 110% into just being awesome, then you’re probably a great person to have with us. If you’re the type of person that falls asleep on your NPC shift, tries to auction off what they’re assigned to a different player, or hide from the ST, you might want to rethink how you present yourself to other staff members.

-Story Teller: Similar to being a rules marshal, there are a few more things that go into becoming a Story Teller. You’ll need a strong understanding of the world you would be writing for. Think about investing in materials that go more in depth to the world. Really show that you love the game. I would post on my facebook about how excited I would be for games and I was always positive about my experiences. If you post negative things all the time about your game, don’t expect to get a staff position. Keep in mind that being a story teller involves not only a fast paced environment with quick decisions, but it also includes a lot of work between games for writing, prop designing, etc.

Another important step to all this? APPLY. If you never apply for a position, how is anyone supposed to know you’re serious about it? How would they know you have the abilities if you don’t apply? And making several facebook posts insinuating you want to be staff won’t get you the position either. I know it’s scary to put in an application, I was terrified to do it, but I am so glad I got over that fear and just did it. If you’re not accepted right away, don’t worry too much. Just take a look at what you’ve been doing and see what you can do to improve.

Before I end this, let me just go over a few quick points again

- Always give 110%

- Positivity will get you far

- Know the requirements it takes for the position you want

- Just do it and apply

- Love what you do

Sometimes it really is that simple.