Adventures of a New Director PT 2

I had a different blog post planned for today. It’s all written up and saved and ready to go! But last night things suddenly things happened. And oh my goodness were these some really cool things.

Here’s part two of my director adventures!!!

So what was it that happened? I discovered an openness in the world of Utopia that I had not realized how large it really was. This would be player driven plot. I had seen a few things happen with player driven plot, some cool things and crazy things that they’ve all created completely on their own for Utopia (which is amazing to see). Between the discord channel, costume parties, and various posts on facebook, the players had completely embraced the world of Utopia.

The first things I saw were some players creating plot and drama between each other. Then there was a party, completely unaffiliated with Utopia, where a lot of people dressed as their characters and shared pictures and videos on their character pages. Then players wanted to start doing bigger and crazier plot. With so much to work with, there had to be some boundaries, but what would they be? I was getting messages from multiple people on multiple accounts asking if they do a thing, what happens, or can they do a thing. The more questions I was asked the more I really understood what can be done (and there’s a LOT you can do).

 A response from one of the corporations to a player driven plot

A response from one of the corporations to a player driven plot

Here’s the fun part for all of you when it comes to Utopia is that you are NEVER excluded from plot. If it bothers you that someone else had a party you weren’t invited to, then have your own party and invite your own friends! If you see someone having really cool plot online that you’re not involved in, get involved! Or, you can create your own plot! You can get yourself involved however you want, it just depends on YOU!


THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I am just so in love with seeing what the players do. My favorite part of writing plot was always hearing how it made someone feel like they were important. By allowing the players to play with such an open world, it lets them be the star of their dream plot and HOLY SHIT THAT’S AWESOME! Yes, I am fangirling over Utopia right now.

If you want to read the details as to what the world will let you do, check out the UDCT page as it will be posted up on there sometime soon!

Depending what happens, I might make my director adventures a weekly thing :)