Brianna Oshrin

Hey everyone! I’m Bri, I’ve been larping since July of 2014. I’m 5’2 ½ (yes that half is important to me), 23 year old female, and just a tiny person overall. I’m currently the Director of Utopia Descending Connecticut, and a writer and ops marshal at DRNJ.  Prior to finding my passion in larping (some of it during!) I studied Television Production at Montclair State. I was a Jazzercise instructor for a few years, having grown up with it my whole life, so you can just imagine how corny my personality is sometimes. 95% of the time you see me I’m probably smiling, laughing, or making weird raptor sounds. Sometimes you might find me cosplaying, often times it will be a League of Legends character (I know you’re judging me now). I’m no expert at cosplay, but I adore every part of it.

Yay life stuff! Oh by the way, I don’t actually wear glasses like in the picture. I just really enjoy this picture.

So have fun reading stuff I write, because I have fun writing it (if only you could see the smile and thumbs up I just gave).