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Once, there was a game designer. That game designer made larps all around the world. Big larps, little larps, larps about the apocalypse, larps about being a wizard, and even larps for major corporations. One day that game designer said, “We work too much. Look at all of this. There are emails with people with complaints that it’s too hot, and people with complaints about how it’s too cold. We have dozens of books, thousands of pages of documentation, and all of this work that needs to get done. Didn’t we get into the business of larps so that we could have fun?” And the empty rum bottles they were lamenting into answered back with a sign telling the designer what they must do. As one of the bottles tilted over, now empty of its comfort juice, a vision of the Captain came into view... and so too did the threat of a kraken come to be seen.

Right then it hit the designer. One, they like to drink a lot of rum and whiskey. Two, they loved playing silly games in the woods with friends. Three, pirates are the coolest. So after contacting a few other writers and designers, a hasty document was put together called BOOTY - A Sophomoric Pirate Experience. Now since this designer had worked on a number of very serious projects (including ones where you played fragments of a dead person's ego) it became very important for the designer to make sure everyone understood that this was going to be a very fun and not overly complex project. There would be dozens of mini-games and contests to represent pirate life, there would be a lot of jokes, there would be a bunch of silliness, and probably somewhere under all of the bluster and swagger there would be some beta testing for toyetic mechanic designs.

But mostly, there would be a bunch of amazing people coming together to compete as pirate members of 4 different armadas, each looking to steal the position of “Mayor of Tortuga” for the year to be the Pirate Sovereign. The first team to fill a rum bottle with tokens of exploit wins, and any time a pirate dies they take a trip to Davy Jones Locker to get a silly, challenging, or hilarious task to complete to come back to life.

And much like the pirate code, most of the rules are more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules. We’re gonna make sure that people are safe, comfortable, and having fun.

This event is 18+ because it is rated Arrrrr. But, adults who are guardians can bring those under 18 years of age understanding the following: Any parents or guardians wanting to bring wards, children, or tiny crew mates under the age of 18 must accept that they are responsible for not only their standard duties as a guardian but also ensuring the safety of their under 18 guest at all times while on the property. Children will not be allowed to run around the site unaccompanied for safety, insurance, and pirate language reasons. Guardians bringing guests under 18 years of age will be responsible to ensure that their under 18 year old guests do not disrupt the experience of others, are escorted out of areas where language gets too close to being rated Arrrrr as needed, and take the responsibility upon themselves to monitor the experience of guests under 18 (instead of expecting other guests to adjust accordingly.). Others in attendance will be adults relating to the presence of underage guests, however not all participants may want children running through their pirate scenes. If other participants seem off-put by your underage guest, please do what you can to move them to a better location.