Changes that will be implemented for DR: Evolved and why.

Changes that will be implemented for
DR: Evolved and why.


The collapse of many redundant skills.

The why: This is a great system… for one that was written in 2006/2007. We need a more streamlined, clean, and simple system. Some people like chunkier systems. It doesn’t really fit into LARP design where the engagement at the experience is the primary focus.  This system was the shit back when the first episode of “Sons of Anarchy” was released, but not as much now.

Rewriting the narrative for some of the Strains that we find troublesome.

The why: The game narrative was written ten to eleven years ago. For reference, it was written prior to the creator even having a Facebook account. It was written in the age of myspace and LiveJournal people. So communication, culture, and the scope of the world material have become aged and in retrospect at some places insensitive or downright insulting. Changing this narrative has been an ongoing attempt for the past 6 years, but it has felt like slowly turning a barge instead of just making the change that needs to be done because we couldn't completely remove the books people had purchased years ago. We wanted people to be able to get their worth out of what they bought. With the new edition of the DR tabletop books coming out and the timing on the LARP books, we are just going to pull that band-aid right the fuck off and make the changes where we remove culture from the definition of Strains and change the more offensive Strains to be acceptable. We are also just going to leave it in digital format for at least a year so if we do screw up, we can actually change it instead of just having to deal with what we have in physical print. 

Removing loss of equipment with character transfer.

The why: Back when it was put into place we didn’t have standardization, support documentation, or systems to ensure that one game wasn’t just dumping out resources while another game was playing a resource tight game. So what we are going to do is instead make it that when you transfer you will have your equipment reviewed by the game you are going to instead of just losing it all as the default. Some of your gear may be delayed over time or removed if illegal, but that will involve a person to person conversation instead of a network-wide dictate. Part of the goal of removing equipment was to make players transferring into an area to need to engage the local community to get the stuff they need and become locally invested. Many players are just finding work-arounds for this instead of embracing the spirit of it, so why enforce something that players are just going to resist anyways?

Addition of a stability trait used purely for Grave Mind scenes and Advanced Concentration skills.

The why: The entire derangement system is aged, antiquated, and does not provide players the ability to opt into the experience they want. There is also no current way for a player to mechanically allow themselves to build their character to be more mentally resistant to things involving mental illness. It allows player to learn about what mental illness they choose to engage WITH RESPECT AND PRE-KNOWLEDGE instead of just having it happen in the moment. By introducing a stability trait we will allow players the ability to invest their character growth into preventing having their agency taken away during scenes, or allow them the ability to opt-in to these sorts of role-play. In addition by linking advanced concentration skills to stability, we can remove the creeping cost of mind points for skills (higher math) and also take away the “by the 12s” limitations of some skills. If we restrict these highest end powers to investing stability, which will be a low number (5 and under to start), we allow a player to have that moment where they use their skills when it matters the most instead of having players spam their skills before a reset.

The open list becoming much larger.

The why: It's annoying to have to take a profession list because you want like one or two skills on that list. What profession you take should be based on roleplay instead of crunching numbers for efficiency. Hell, I don’t even like the idea of professions and would prefer to break skills into categories and just have people buy skills at an increasing cost per category. But with how reactionary gamers of all sort can be, the idea of making that large of a change makes me wince waiting for the online punch in response. It still may happen, but in truth, I need to determine if the betterment of the system is worth the investment of outrage that comes with it.

Some items and blueprints are going to go away.

The why: When a system changes, you need to change all aspects of the system to ensure rebalance. This doesn’t mean every business card and blue paper you own is going to all burn away, but it does mean that if your entire sense of enjoyment is based on items instead of engagement that I would suggest finding joy role-playing and engaging with your friends at the game instead. Because some of those items are going to go away. Maybe half of them. If the average mind of your game goes from 100 down to 30, then the scaling of the potency and importance of those “restore 20” brews is much larger. Which means that “restore 50” brew is now a godsend item that really has to go away.