Hello, my name is Michael.

Just to clear something up: I'm Michael.

I've written a number of game universes and over a half dozen LARPs all over a number of different systems. I have created card games, table-top RPGs, and ARGs. I have been hired to do world design, mechanical design, and event design for multiple other companies to make successful projects. I have assisted a number of other LARPs create their systems, get their games going, and promote their events. I have sponsored or worked with a number of charity companies, social events, and conventions.

I am not the "grave mind" or any other creation from my universes.
I am not "LARP Dad".
I am not "national".
I am not "corporate".

My name is Michael.

Calling me a label removes the fact that you are talking to a person and seems to give people a feeling that they can stop acting like adults and address people as things. Labeling me as a corporate identity or a "non-person" so that someone can be flippant or nasty is bullshit and I will call you on it. Just because I made something you like, or something you hate, doesn't give you any more right to act like a sub-human fuckwit.

While we are at it:

If you want to blame "a general umbrella or group of people" instead of accepting that you have direct issue with individuals, I will call you on it. The project that most people know me by, Dystopia Rising, has created a vast volume of change in LARP culture for good. Open transparency. Bridging to international game designs. Driving out casual use of sexual assault. Addressing gender equality issues. Removing excuses and alabi to use real world nastiness in character and say "Its just my character" like somehow that is acceptable. 

And many other groups have followed our lead on that either directly or indirectly because we instituted these changes.  So if you want to blame "the community" or "everyone" or "thousands of people that I am speaking for without considering what I am actually saying" you should be called on it. 

One last thing:

LARP is an experience based hobby. It can be transformative, it can be life changing, and it can be amazing for people to live. It is a medium that can be used for social reform, for education, for therapy, or for entertainment. 

 However, no matter what you get out of a LARP, unless you are running the LARP, you are a participant in a hobby and a member of that games social community. Some games have more community focus, some have less. Regardless of the degree of community and the degree of emotional investment that an individual or group has towards a game... you are still participants. You don't get to dictate the themes, focuses, and intent of the game that someone else is hosting. You have a voice and every right in the world to an opinion, but in the end, it's just an opinion. You should give voice to that opinion, give feedback if the event hosts are looking for it, but in the end if you just BLAST someone else's work with your opinion (and potentially fall into the other two groups) don't be surprised when you are told to get the fuck out. 

Because you couldn't act like an adult, so now you need to be told to leave like a child.