Dystopia Rising Evolved: Individual Skills Redefinitions Post One

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Over the next few months I am going to go a skill at a time and outline how most of the individual skills will function in Dystopia Rising: Evolved. Some of these updates are going to be very short, some of them will be longer and require a lot more review and specific details. A few of the skills will be clustered together since the group of skills are similar enough that one or two words changed is all that will be needed to explain each of the skills (and thereby not worth giving each “variant” their own update.

Skills discussions for the blog will not be in alphabetical or demand order, but instead spoon and time allowance order. This means that as I have the time and ability to focus on the more involved skills (or the ones that I feel will get the largest response) I will do so. 

To ease people into the format of this, I am going to start with a relatively simple skill change.


The skill teach is replacing the skill options of Teach and Instruct. The change to this skill means a fundamental change to how the teaching and learning system in Dystopia Rising changes.
Starting in Dystopia Rising: Evolved, any individual who has a skill can teach that skill to a person who is able to learn it (has it available on their profession lists and has the available experience points to spend on learning the new skill). You do not need to have the skill “Teach” to train someone else with a skill.

As a new default any skill learned without the “Teach” skill will not be available for use until the next event that character attends. This will allow your coordination team the ability to review a character sheet to ensure that a character could have legally learned the skill that is being attempted to be taught, and add the skill to the characters sheet. As a meta concept, learning a new skill from someone who is not trained to teach others means that it will take longer for the student to learn the new skill.

The teach could function like so:

Teach (1 MP per target): This skill is the act of training up to 10 other characters via 30 minutes of engaging roleplay, so that the targets of this skill can buy new skills with experience points and have access to those skills faster than normal. You can only Teach other people Skills that your character actively possesses that the learning character can learn (has the Skill on a Profession and has the experience points to spend). 
While Skills can be taught by anyone, the Teach skill makes newly learned Skills available faster and allows the newly learned skill to be used after the next Twelves instead of at the next event. The skill Teach not only reduces how long players need to wait after learning a new skill to be able to use it, but the skill is also a Key-Skill which is required to use crafted items related to teaching, instructing, and educating others.

This mechanical change introduces a few newer concepts to Dystopia Rising Evolved. As we mentioned above, teaching and learning skills no longer requires the teach skill. Players will be able to teach one another skills that they have on their sheet, however without the Teach skill those newly learned skills will not be able to be used until the next event the learning character attends. In this new addition the Teach skill makes new skills available at the next 12s instead of the next event. This mechanically allows Teach to function partially as it did in 2.12, but adds a wider ability for people to learn skills from individuals who don’t have the teach skill.

The second thing that this skill introduces is the last line of the skill which states it is a Key-Skill. Key-Skills is a term that is being coined for Dystopia Rising Evolved to let players know that certain skills have a lot more functionality than may be initially seen with the addition of blueprints and crafted items. With blueprints being adjusted there are going to be key skills that will be used regularly for blueprints. In the instance of the skill Teach, any blueprint that involves the concept of teaching, instructing, and educating others will require the Teach skill. While this idea partially exists already in DR 2.11, having Key-Skills will outline a standardization for what skills are commonly needed for certain areas of focus. Key-Skill status gives more transparency to new players who will be picking their skills for the first time. 

As a side note, this does also mean that the Baywalker Strain advantage is also changing. Strains and their advantages is their own post and not something to be shoehorned into this one update about a single skill.