Slowing Blog Post Updates on Dystopia Rising: Evolved

Over the past couple of days there have been dozens of conversations that sprouted up in regards to the Dystopia Rising Evolved initial profession draft. Many of those conversations were people musing mechanical design theory and debating back and forth. That is awesome. I love seeing people discuss design with a more meta-oriented perspective to consider “what makes it all tick”. Understanding that design aspects are there to force people to engage one another, to not be standalone badasses, and how this will open different mediums for players to choose their flavor of DR is awesome to watch. 

 Wanted to create more transparency, got people responding with emotion instead of thought. Meh. Was worth the attempt. 

Wanted to create more transparency, got people responding with emotion instead of thought. Meh. Was worth the attempt. 

Not all of the discussions were that way, however. There were a good number of people who didn’t read the updates and only read small slivers. There were people who just don’t grok larger meta design, and considering how this fits into their personal game tomorrow and how it interacts just with their character compared to the old rules system version of their character. There were a super small number of people waving pitchforks without any connection to reality because they have nothing else better to do with their life than to feign injustice online while looking for attention. There were even some conspiracy theory level discussions that were both laughable and also gave me some like... serious life goals to aim for. That's me... the illuminati that cares. LOL.

In all of what I saw there was something that I recognized. Companies before us, across all forms of product production, have used the ideas of “design discussions” and “alpha test” as means of marketing for so long that actually seeing the alpha development process is confusing. They see drafts and concepts come out and think “this is the way it’s going to be” and try to apply what they are seeing to their existing game experience.

I can’t blame people. Without seeing the larger scope of how the design will work, getting glimpses and small images will cause more questions than provide answers. If in one article there is the idea of doing away with self-teach skills and in the next there is a notation on what could be self-teach skills a customer gets two different narratives.

But that’s the thing. I’m not trying to provide you with a narrative. I was trying to give a picture window into how the thought and design process works. What you are seeing now will be reviewed, tested, chopped up, reworked, reviewed, tested, paired down, and eventually made into an alpha test worthy project. There will be test events, then changes made on those tests, then they will be reviewed for how they function in small and large groups.

So, I am not going to be releasing as many updates on it and instead will provide views into the process as sections become more “alpha test ready” for review.