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Greetings Apocalypse Friends!

This is, without a doubt, one of the most substantial design documents released for Dystopia Rising LARP: Evolved.  Today I am providing an initial draft of skills, professions, and design for DR 3.0. This is a bit of leap of faith for me, showing a unfinished work for consideration. I am doing this so that players are able to give informed feedback to their Directors, so that when it comes time to digest all of the feedback details the feedback content will be more efficient. 

Now before you download this file to look at it, please read the following bullet points.

1)      This is an initial draft, and me showing my work table before a project is finished is an act of faith. If people flip out and don’t treat this like a rough draft, I will just stop providing this degree of insight into work in progress. If you see people that are freaking out, I would appreciate it if you remind them of this fact and tell them to chill.

2)      There are a good number of skills that are being adjusted for how they work mechanically that I have not discussed yet. Rites of Faith, Transcribe, Hunters Mark, Sever, Melee Weapon Expert, etc. Many of these skills are gaining functionality or becoming more streamlined to the lower damage call system. Some of the skill "values" may seem off until those reworks are finalized.

3)      Please respond with logic, not emotions. If you would like to say, “I don’t like” then please follow it up with a logical design statement as to why. This is an early rough draft and only part of the picture. If you just respond with emotion, there is nothing I can do to review your feedback and give it consideration. I want to make this the best hybrid between what the old system was and what I project a new system should be. 

4)      Skill choices for lists is one part thematic approach and one part larger meta balance. Saying you want a certain skill on your favorite list is not going to get traction, because many people want all thematic skills for “what they feel a profession should have”. Try to look at overall skill availability, skill access, and how the “holes” in professions encourage cross profession merging. Your design tree should not give you everything you want in one profession. For puzzle pieces to work there needs to be places where the different puzzle pieces connect.

5)      This isn’t a final document in format either. I know it has tiny ass words and is tough to read. This is a mechanical reference sheet and not how it will be presented in the book. This is a document designed for me to use on one computer screen while working on the other. This is an excel sheet (sorry, you will need excel or similar software to read it properly) for source reference. 

Now that you have read all of the above, and agree to it, please click on this link to download the newly proposed Dystopia Rising professions, skill layout trees, rebalance, and profession lists.