Skill Discussion: Metal Working

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Metal Working is a new skill in the Dystopia Rising: Evolved profession set that includes aspects of both Smelt and Weld from the old design, combines the two skills, and provides a clear notation for other potential uses of the skill as a Key-Skill. In addition to outlining how the skill mechanically works, it is the intent of the description to give degrees of expectation relating to how the skill is commonly worked.

As a crafting skill there is a need for creating realistic crafting spaces to make the role-play experience of the crafter more engaging as well as the experience of those within 10 feet of the work space. Dystopia Rising is a very WYSIWYG game, and some of that scene setting and design is created by the players (since they are the ones bringing the materials into play). As much as a character that focuses on fighting needs to bring their own weapon physical representations, a person that focuses on crafting or economy role-play also must bring their own props and materials. While some game spaces have the ability to provide scene setting pieces, the efforts of collected crafter groups to make their own space engaging will far surpass what a single game can provide.

You will notice that the language for the skill is wordier, but is designed in a conversational way. A large part of Dystopia Rising Evolved includes having a degree of "Spirit of the Rules" included in the design. We will explain how a skill is intended to be used, give as much advice for how the skill is intended to be represented and used in the game, and give the players (and the staff) the benefit of the doubt that the understanding of the spirit of these more conversation descriptions will be followed. If we explain a skill in the book the same way you would explain it to a friend, looking to find ways to "bend the intent of the rules" no longer is an acceptable part of mechanical design, but instead a purposeful desire to circumnavigate fair play for personal advantage. 

In addition, when reading these skills, understand that this is not a final document. What you are reading is my raw draft material that doesn't include having yet gone to review or editing. So if you find a particular section of the language concerning, please feel free to give that feedback to your Directors so that we can make this the best document set possible.

Onto the skill itself-

Metal Working -  This Skill requires a Forge item, scrap, and involved role-play to use. Gaining resources and access to a Forge require in character crafting or character networking to gain access to the required tools. Players taking this skill should plan on bringing tools, props, and realistic set dressing for their work space. It is suggested that different scraps of metal, tools, and mechanical props for crafting at a forge are brought to give the user of Metal Working or other Forging related skills an engaging role-play space to make their experience (and the experience of those around them) better.
While working in the Forge space, no other skills may be used by the person using Metal Working unless outlined as required by a specific piece of equipment relating to Metal Working. Those assisting via their Strain Advantage or specialty equipment also may not use any skills other than what could be outlined by a blueprint or specific piece of equipment. If a person using Metal Working or their assistants takes damage or are otherwise interrupted (is incapacitated or leaves the 10 foot area of a forge workspace) then the Mind Points invested in Metal Working are spent but the process is considered incomplete. While resources (scrap, gizmos, items) used during a failed Metal Working attempt are not lost, the Mind Point expenditure is lost and the roleplay requirements must begin over from the start.
By first spending 5 mind points and then spending 15 minutes of realistic and engaging role-play at a Forge workspace, a player can do one of the following:
Turn 1 Rare Scrap into 2 Uncommon Scrap
Turn 1 Uncommon Scrap into 2 Basic Scrap
Turn 4 Basic Scrap into 1 Uncommon Scrap
Turn 4 Uncommon Scrap into 1 Rare Scrap
Players may use up to 10 uses of Metal Working in a single instance before going to the Post Office to have their cards updated. If a batch of Metal Working is interrupted, only the one instance (when the attack happens) is considered lost mind points. All other uses in a batch are unaffected. In the instance that the cards are stolen from a Metal Working use before they can be updated at the Post Office, treat the crafting as a failed attempt with the mind points expended but the new resources not gained. The theft will be for the pre-completed materials (the cards that are currently present). 
Metal Working is a Key-Skill that is required for all blueprints that involve the transforming one form of scrap into another, the crafting of unique metallurgy related gizmos, and crafting of new composite materials. Metal Working often pairs with different Lore skills for the creation of unique or complicated composites.