There is a concept that I have been workshopping for a while that I would like to now put out for consideration, discussion, and debate. This idea involves changing the basic interaction of melee weapons, damage, and the ability for players to use weapons. In the shortest summary, any player could use any melee weapon without a skill involved. They just can't use them well or use related skills or abilities. 


In prior posts I mentioned wanting to flatten the damage and lower the numbers used in Dystopia Rising Evolved. Mentioning a scale of 1,2,5,10 damage with 10 being the highest “spike” damage used by standard skills and the “slaughter” being a 20. What I want to talk about is the “1” on the scale, and introduce a concept relating to weapon use.

What if all players could use all melee weapons from the start, but couldn’t use melee related skills or get the most out of the weapons use? With this concept all players would be able to pick up all melee weapons and be able to swing 1 damage, but not be able to use any specialized skills or abilities related to the weapon or related to melee weapons at all.

A brand-new player could use any blade, of any quality, without any melee skills and be able to “swing 1 damage” with that weapon. The would not be able to Parry, mangle limbs, or use any skills or advantages relating to melee weapons but it would allow a wider use of weapons skills.

If a weapon is not master crafted, and is base equipment, that melee weapon would do 1 damage in the hands of someone without appropriate melee skills and would do 2 damage in the hands of someone who is properly trained in the appropriate melee skill.  

If a weapon is higher crafted (does 5 damage on swings) and a player using the weapon does not have the appropriate weapon skill “specialization” that player will only swing 1 damage with the weapon and would not be able to use melee related skills like Parry. If the player does have the appropriate melee skill, the melee fighter would do 5 damage per swing with the weapon and be able to use whatever advantages the weapon provides (plus whatever appropriate melee related skills they have as well).

If a weapon has multiple requirements for use (such as melee standard AND Vegasian) then the weapon could be used by anyone to swing 1s, however it would require both melee standard and being gutter glitter to be able to access the full potential of the weapon (such as 5 Iron Slave Bane damage).

Bows, Thrown Weapons, and Firearms are not a part of this equation of “open and available use” due to the degree of education, practice, and training that is needed to use ranged weapons. Being able to successfully target a moving threat with a bow requires practice and training. Being able to throw a blade so it properly spins and hits with enough force to do damage requires practice and training. Firearms require a degree of understanding for use (in particular dealing with sturdier and simpler technology firearms that do not have recoil reducing stocks or even rifling in the barrel).

To continue the damage discussion, which without a doubt is a deviation from the focus of this blog update, bows and knives would have a damage scale of 2,5 with training and firearms would follow a 5,10 as the damage base scale (without the 1 for untrained). Of course equipment will allow for variances to damage type and effects, however keeping the numbers locked to the simpler range is vital for DR Evolution.