A blog update just for the gentlemen.

Today I have a blog post that is only for the gentlemen in the LARP community. I apologize to my female readers who follow me on a regular basis, however, I would ask politely that you skip todays post. I promise you that today’s blog post, while geared towards the gentlemen, in no way is intended on causing a divide or separation in our community as a whole.




Gents. Are we good? Are we alone?

Fantastic. Grab a cigar, take a seat, and let’s have some dude to dude chat time. Once you have settled in, go ahead and scroll down.




Now that I have gotten a little bit of that out of my system, let me explain further why I am having this conversation with you and not the community as a whole. The fact is that there are a handful of low-brow misogynistic packet tossers and digital bullies that are ruining shit for the rest of us.

Cut it out. Just stop.

If you feel any need to “check” to see if someone of another gender is a “real geek” get the hell out of this hobby. You are the exact bottom feeding aspect of culture that should have been bred out of existence generations ago.

We are GEEKS. This isn’t some high and mighty super-model status that people are reaching for. This is fans of all ages and all genders enjoying their fandom. Just because you have external plumbing instead of internal you do not have the right to be some sort of jackass gate-keeper on the fun.

Next, stop making stupid fucking comments. Stop mansplaining. Stop trying to default your female friends to the role of support. Stop making comments about how someone is “hot for a gamer” or “good for a girl”.

Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop it.

You are seriously fucking things up in our community for the rest of us. People are on edge, getting super defensive, and killing our “all welcome” vibe because bottom feeder dudes are making the waters toxic. If you are tired of “social justice warriors” and “internet defenders” then STOP GIVING THEM SOMETHING TO FIGHT AGAINST. If we treated all people as equals, and didn’t add modifiers based on completely irrelevant shit, there would be no need to draw attention to the issues.

I remember the way the world of LARP used to be. It was a bunch of dudes in sweatpants sitting around hitting each other with foam covered pipes. It was a dark time, a bad place, and not somewhere I will not go back to come hell or high water. I don’t care how much chlorine I need to buy to get the pond scum out of the gaming pool… I’m never going back there. You don't want to go back there. 

When you see caveman bullshit, call people on it. Let the world know it is not welcome in our community any more... and maybe the next generation of gamers won't have to have this conversation.