This Death Star is Fully Operational.

I love my community.

A little over a year and a half ago, I discovered I had a health issue. That health issue went from the darkest of predicted outcomes to becoming something I overcame. I went from a period of my life where I was counting days to a life where with medicine and a lot of good vibes I was able to have a sort of rebith. All the while when I was in pain, or on medication, my community was there for me. My friends stood stronger than family and the people in my gaming community showed me such an outpouring of love that I can’t help but think that their warm wishes may have cashed in some Karma points for me.

It was a scare. I went from limited time, to limited movement, to being a nearly completely clean bill of health.

And my community, my friends, my chosen family are all I can think of now that I got to the other end of the road. I think about the people in Texas who shared with me how a game and a community changed their life. I think about the wedding invitation I received from Florida. I think about the hugs in California and the people I miss in Pennsylvania and Indiana. I think about friends and connections I have made in Washington and trips to Massachusetts and Canada. I think about the friends I am yet to meet in all of our new chapters, and I think about the stories and journeys we will share.  

I think about how the game and community has reconnected me with my brother. I think about the children that have been born from relationships started with our community. I think about the marriages and couples (and triples, and quadruples) started in DR. I think about the people who have had a safety network for when they dealt with a world that does not show compassion to sexual and gender preferences , and I think about all of the love and support provided to every person in our community. Regardless of gender, gender choice, age, religion, sexual preference, or any other life detail this community has provided me hope and love in my heart.

And our love does not end with one another. We have funded schools. We have rebuilt homes after disasters hit. We have filled food kitchens. We have brought relief to areas after riots. We have funded schools for children across the globe, for people we may never meet. We have raised funds to fight diseases, we have worked to create a safe place without negativity, and we have striven to build a culture that governments and politicians fail time and again in creating. Through Dystopia, we have carved out a section of Utopia.

And I know it is not perfect. The larger this becomes and the more people become involved the more opportunity we have to try and change hearts and minds to become understanding. As our culture grows across states and countries and our membership grows from 4,000 to 10,000 to 100,000 I know that with a larger net comes more debris. But there is no other people in the world that I would trust more to stand up and defend our family. To protect those that we care about. To put aside regional cultural differences and to embrace the ideas of forgiveness, compassion, and play. To look at one another and say “I may not be able to be friends with you, or be able to understand or know you, but if nothing else I will respect you and protect you”.

This is what we have built.

Over the past years I have gone through a lot of physical and emotional pain. I have recently finished what could be my last series of treatments, and I am now a fully operational death star. I feel better than I have in about half a decade, I am clearer minded than I have been in a while, and my perspective and drives are keen and clear. I will do anything and everything in my power to protect, provide, and defend my community from any who would want to harm those within it.

You gave me your love and some of your limited time to try my thoughts and ideas.

I owe you all nothing less.