An amazing two days in gaming.

I've just gotten back from the first Imagine Nation Festival, and I can’t say that I could be happier with the event.  Warm skies, great people, music, camp fires, amazing LARPs, great food, and amazing memories. For those of you that do not know, the Imagine Nation Festival is sort of what Ashley and I used to do with gaming, until our gaming circles outgrew the space of my back yard.  It was very chill, back to roots, gaming in an environment of fun and creativity.  There was poi spinning, boffer fighting, theatrical LARPs, soccer, guitar performances around a camp fire, and extended communities coming together for just fun.

It was magical.  It really took the cons out of conventions and replaced them with the spirit of a festival. I left this weekend rejuvenated, refreshed, and overall happy with the world.  I came home with some new stories, some great memories, and a little bit of a tan that I didn’t have before.

The next time we will organize it a little bit more, set areas for LARP that are more defined and see about working an arts and crafts area into the mix as well. There wasn’t as much interest in table top games, which is understandable given how lovely it was outside, so perhaps instead of having a RPG area we do it as a ‘meet people if you are looking to play something’ sort of space.

I loved looking through the woods and seeing people spinning fabric poi, hearing laughter from people playing pick-up-games outside, and having all of it have an undertone of wood smoke and guitar notes. A thousand thanks to Nerdy City, 11th Hour Productions, and Phoenix Outlaw for the amazing games you ran at the event.  It was also cool, since we didn’t run overlaps, to see the STs from the games that were being run being able to just play throughout the day. I loved seeing friends around a bonfire laughing and sharing. I loved seeing a community brought together in the truest spirit of fun.

And I hope you all took a little bit of that Imagine Nation back home with you.


Peace, love, and play.