6 Amazing Years

Six years.

  Me, just over six years ago toasting the start of Dystopia Rising at Rudy'  s in New Haven.

Me, just over six years ago toasting the start of Dystopia Rising at Rudy's in New Haven.

Six years ago we opened the doors to Dystopia Rising to the public. The year was 2009. We had been working on Dystopia Rising and running private for what seemed like forever. It was a project I was doing on the side of working a 80+ an hour work week, running the last stories of a theater LARP game I had been running since 2000, and it was a giant leap forward.

We had 60 something people at that first game when we opened the doors. 

People talk about ‘Old Hayven’ with amazing rose colored glasses.  You ask any of the original crowd and you will hear amazing stories about 'back in the old days'.  It was good back then, but to be fair, it is nothing compared to what we do now.  The game of Dystopia Rising has come a huge distance since it originally started.  In 6 years the game spawned seven table top books, three novels, and two live action books. Our ST support materials all but increased thirty three fold in size, we developed our own custom database software, and we went from one game that took place in Orange Connecticut to a network of a dozen games with over 3,000 players. 

This year we are slated to open a handful of more chapters, release 2 more Dystopia Rising table top books, and run TWO massive cross-game events.  One taking place in Texas, the second taking place in New Jersey.

It has been an amazing 6 years.  Beyond Dystopia Rising both Eschaton Media Productions and the Imagine Nation Collective have started to really produce.  With prints of Chronos, DR Materials, ExArcana, Tempus Omni, Project Paradigm, and about half a dozen cued titles it is not a surprise that the last 6 years really feel like a blur.

So here we are. 6 years after the great step forward and we are on the precipice of amazing.  Dystopia Rising just grew from its home grown roots into something much more massive and permeating.  Chronos is getting picked up all over the place. And in just two months’ time I will return to where it all started, a little camp ground in Orange Connecticut, to host my extended friends to just get out and play.

Here is to an amazing first 6 years, and here is to 20 more.