Perspective and Association of Interaction

 Honest conversations require a lemur outfit.

Honest conversations require a lemur outfit.

Let’s have some honest chat time.

And if I am to be honest, it is going to be mostly me chatting and you reading because it’s a blog. If I were to talk to every person on the internet direct I would have gifs leaking out of my ears and more dick pics than on all of the cell phones in all of congress put together.

That being said, let’s cut through the preamble and get to the meat of the conversation.


I get it. Being a LARPer means that you have a lot of passion for your hobby. We have not reached a point in cultural swing that there is much of a field for “casual LARPers”. Most people either are LARPers, consider themselves former LARPers, or are born again LARPers. So with this unique sect of culture we are a part of, I understand that we wrap a lot of our life up in a hobby that many people don’t understand.

Do not think that I am, in any form, playing down how much influence LARP has on our lives as well. I know a number of people who have come to terms with gender issues, sexuality, social hurdles, and even phobias and emotional issues within the medium of LARP. LARP is used for education, it is used for entertainment, it is used for therapy, and it is used for unique forms of artistic expression.

Much like damn near every other form of expression in the world. Dance. Painting. Music. Writing. Sports. Many of these things can be used as a medium to help a person improve themselves.

However, when someone who attends a football game runs into that drunken shit bag in the parking lot who is vomiting on their car, you don’t blame the sports team or the sporting event you just came from. When you meet someone at a club, and they turn out to be an emotional Godzilla, you don’t blame the band that was playing when you met over your 8th kamikaze. When you find someone at the pottery class who smells horribly but for some reason you can’t escape hanging out with them after the class, it sure as shit isn’t the pottery wheel that did you wrong.

What did you in was that you assumed that just because you shared one thing in common (LARP) with another person that somehow all of the other details in regards to human interaction would just work out. That isn't how shit works. Eventually, you stop talking about how much of a bad ass your story tellers are for entertaining you and you stop talking about how cool your own character is and eventually you have to interact as a human.

So here is the deal: meet people at LARP. Become a giant loving family. Get to know one another AWAY FROM GAME to determine if you are a match. If you find one that matches, AWESOME. If you find lots that match, MORE AWESOME. If you find a few that match you in that special way, BANAGARANG! But as LARPing gets bigger and bigger as a hobby you need to understand that you are going to find more people that you DO mesh with and more people that you DON’T mesh with. If you went anywhere in the world, and pulled three hundred to ten thousand people together,  there is going to be at least one person that you personally just DO NOT MESH WITH. And that is OK. That isn't the fault of the game, or the community, or even humanity... that is just fucking probability. 

But in the end getting along or not and making that human connection  has very little to do with the game you play. That is, of course, unless you are an asshole when you play too. Then gaming works as a nice warning sign for the rest of us.