Living Games.

In 2016 I will be attending the Living Games Conference in Austin Texas. Not only am I going as an active participant, but I also will be attending as a speaker. It is few and far between where I actually open my mind and mouth up in regards to my processes, design theories, and ideas in regards to how we make the Magic of LARP happen. For myself, the past two decades have been a lot of learning by trial and error, forging my way into new territories, and fighting uphill against seas of naysayers and couch quarterbacks. So when people basically ask for my short notes, I often bristle up and go silent. What I do has taken a lot of work, a lot of time, and I sometimes get defensive of other people "taking the short route".

However, at conventions such as these, we can come together as professionals and equals to not only address concerns and development issues but also expand on our own experiences. We can learn from one another, network, and make new dreams appear where once there was nothing but opposition and restrictions. 

But conventions like this, in particular the first years of them, cost a ton of money to get going. Without the help of kickstarter backers and attendees buying their tickets in advanced, events such as this can not happen.

So if you want to go, or if you just want to help, check out the link above for the events Kickstarter.