Those that do, and those that discuss.

Everyone says that there are two kinds of people in the world.  What that division line is changes from person to person.  Some people see the world as cat people and dog people. For some people it is city people and country people. For others it very well could be that the difference between people is the difference between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

I too have a division line in the world, and it’s one that I think some of my readers would completely agree with. I say that many of my readers would agree with my division in the world because many of my readers are professionals in their fields, artists, writers, musicians, or the incredibly fit.

To me the world is divided into the people who ‘do’ and the people who ‘discuss’.

Before anyone makes the joke about ‘those who can’t, teach’ I want to explain myself further. I am not talking about academics in the slightest. As a matter of fact, my division line thoroughly puts academics in the ‘Do’ category of people because they CHOSE to become academics, worked hard, and DID it. For me the division line in the world for me that I see on a day to day basis and is based more in regards to things such as work ethic, self-motivation, self-determination, and drive.

No matter where I go I run into people of both columns.  The people in the ‘Do’ column I am lucky to get a few moments with them. Even if we hit it off great and have the potential for friendship and even working together the people I meet who are DOERS are just as busy as I am. So we endless talk about finding time at some point, trying to get together, and enjoying the short stints we get to spend together.

Doers are busy ass people.  Doers have things to do.

Then I run into the second column, people I label under the category of ‘Discuss’. These people have interests and passions just like I do. These people have wants, opinions, and strong and outlined viewpoints on the way the world should not only be but also how other people can ‘Do’ better.

These people have plenty of time, because they discuss things instead of doing things.

 A doer is a machine driven by coffee and desire to get something done so they can handle the thousands of other things they need to do. 

A doer is a machine driven by coffee and desire to get something done so they can handle the thousands of other things they need to do. 

The ways I run into 'Discussers' are in the people that always have a thousand ideas they want to pitch to me, or commentary they want to give me, without any desire or drive to actually do something themselves. You can find billions of 'discussers' avoiding gyms, commenting on other peoples work, talking about ‘one day’, and coming up with reasons as to why they haven’t done ‘X’ yet. Many times 'Discussers' view themselves as a hobbyist or an authority in fields they never have actively participated in. Think about that sports fan who bitches about a coaching job without actually learning or participating in the sport.  Think about that troll on a video game forums.  Both of these folks?  People who say instead of do... these are Discussers. 

What is interesting is that the difference between me and a lot of other game designers/ writers is my work ethic and desire to do. Last weekend I traveled 18 hours each way to run a series of modules and promote my products.  The week before I spent 6 days a week writing for at least 4-6 hours a day.  I then spend at least 2 hours checking in on my customer base, searching through the community to see where I can help people out, and then I use the extra down time to plan what I will ‘do’ next.  And ‘do’ may be planning a new work project, get together with friends, design idea, or stupid human trick I want to learn.  I may be at a swing dancing class, or being outside, or experiencing something. Last year I wrote for 6 games books, 1 TV show, and recreated the rule set for an international gaming network. I traveled from coast to coast, attended 9 conventions, traveled to 6 different network games, trained produced game resources, and  I STILL feel like there was more I could have gotten done. 

Life is short people.  It is always shorter than you anticipate it will be.  If you truly have a lust and a desire to create, if you really want to change and make progress with yourself, then 'DO'.  Stop discussing and just DO.

You want change?  Be the change you want to see. You want to have a more positive life?  Don’t surround yourself with negativity. You want to write? Then do it. Life is far, far, shorter than you think it will be. So just DO.

And if you don't want to do, then stay out of the way of people who are doing. We are too busy learning and growing and doing to be chained into place.