Ashley Zdeb



Co-Founder of the Dystopia Rising LARP network and CEO for Eschaton Media. Ashley has been the production Manager for DR LARP Book, the entire Dystopia Rising tabletop line, Dead Heroes novel series, Project: Paradigm tabletop RPG, the CHRONOS universal gaming system, Absolution novel series, Utopia Descending, and Writer's Blocks. Ashley has been gaming for over 15 years and running LARPs professionally for the last 10. She is also one of the co-founders of the Imagine Nation Collective, Dystopia Rising LARP Network, and Eschaton Media INC. 


Ashley’s focus within Imagine Nation is to grow the organization, professionalism and customer service in gaming. With a focus on the players, she hopes to share the ideas of equal access, ability and enjoyment to anyone who wishes to participate in a game and help those running the game to provide a positive, inclusive and rich environment where those involved can not only enjoy a full RP experience but bring those intentions into the real world, to better themselves and those around them.