The 1920's were not only a time that roared, but a section of American culture that defined our love of living to excess.

Welcome to American Excess. A game world that blends the unique styles of the roaring 20s, modern flavors inspired by electro-swing, and blends classic pulp stories together on the backdrop of one of the most iconic periods of American history.  Welcome to the roaring 20s, a period of time of riches and excess.  

This game is an American Freeform LARP that uses pre-designed characters to blend participants together to tell stories of politics, love, passion, crime, and wealth. One event you may be a reporter who lucked upon an invitation to the social event of year where gangsters and politicians mingle. During another event you could be an incredibly wealthy steel tycoon who is balancing multiple secret relationships (all of which ended up at the same social event). You could end up the would be socialite who owes far too much money to keep blackmail out of the tabloids or maybe even a gangster looking to offload artifacts procured from a museum in Cairo.  

Regardless of which story line you become involved in, each American Excess event is also crafted to be an amazing social experience without the ongoing narrative. Incredible sites, musicians, dancing, and events themed to be enjoyable even without having to be involved in the narrative and story. You could be on a luxury train, in a rented mansion to celebrate New Years Eve, or maybe just at the best 1920s themed social event you could imagine.

American Excess: Welcome to the party.